The Easy Way to Stop Smoking – This is How

The easy way to stop smoking, is there really such a thing? The answer is definitely yes. Some people find it much easier to stop smoking, while other people really struggle and many fail. A major difference between those people who succeed and those who failed, is the way they THINK.

If you are serious about wanting to quit cigarettes (are you?) then this is massively important. I am not suggesting quitting smoking doesn’t need effort, but lots of people put in effort and fail. And the reason they fail is very often because they haven’t got the right mindset.

Stay with me on this…. the easy way to stop smoking starts by developing a way of thinking which will empower you to stop smoking. Get that right, and you are well on your way to succeeding. Here is how….

If you want to succeed in quitting smoking, you need to have a good reason to do so. Good health is always a good reason to stop smoking, we all know that. But you have to make your reasons for stopping much more personal to YOU. That means getting your mind involved and changing the way you think about smoking.

Once you work out WHY you WANT to stop smoking, then the subconscious part of your brain becomes your friend and works with you to help you stop. When your brain is working with you success becomes much easier. The easy way to stop smoking is to get your brain working for you, instead of fighting against you. When your brain is screaming at you “I want a cigarette” that is a hard problem to deal with.

On the other hand, when your brain tells you “I hate cigarettes” then you have cracked it…. you are on your way to success. The way you think makes a massive difference.

Many people have found techniques such as self-hypnosis or even meditation to be very effective ways of giving up smoking. People used to think that these techniques were nothing more than pseudo-science mumbo-jumbo, but fortunately now we have got beyond that out-dated way of thinking. Countless numbers of people have found these kind of techniques to be the easy way to stop smoking which has worked well for them.

It has been proven that if you do something for 21 consecutive days, that thing will automatically become a habit. If you want to develop the habit of exercise for example then if you exercise for 21 consecutive days your subconscious brain will have programmed exercise as a new habit.

It works exactly the same way with smoking. If you want to quit the habit of smoking then you need to replace it with a better habit. Identify the times when you feel like reaching for a cigarette and then think of an activity that you can do instead of smoking. Repeat that for 21 consecutive days…. and you will succeed in stopping stopping.

The easy way to stop smoking starts with your mind. It doesn’t matter whether you have failed before or if this is your first time you are trying to quit smoking. The easy way to quit smoking really exist. The starting point is to teach your mind to believe in it. The old saying “change your mind and the rest will follow” is true.