The 3 Most Effective Ways To Stop Smoking – Quit Smoking Right Now Without Nicotine Withdrawal

There are so many ways to stop smoking, but which one is right for you?

Are you a smoker who has been trying but can’t quit because of uncontrollable yearning for nicotine?

You know you’re not getting better with each puff, but it’s just difficult to stop. A lot of people went and are going through the same battle.

Some were victorious while some remained prisoners of addiction to the substance. If you want to change your life and be responsible for your own actions, now is the best time to do so.

Here is the list of the proven most effective ways to stop smoking.

One of the more unusual, but very effective ways to stop smoking: Stop smoking hypnosis

Hypnosis usually involves relaxation of the mind to allow you to focus on a goal that you want to achieve. In this case, that goal is to quit smoking.

Studies show that this method has up to 30 percent chance of successfully turning a smokers into a non-smoker, which is several times higher compared to the 5 percent success rate of naturally quitting.

This process allows you to communicate your suggestions and arguments to your subconscious, which embeds those thoughts to your actions after a short period of time.

In doing this, you are teaching and training yourself to no longer crave for nicotine, and the reasons to quit will overpower your desire for that pleasure. Research supports this as truly one of the effective ways to stop smoking.

One of the most established ways to quit smoking – the Nicotine Patch

This is a patch that can be placed on any part of the body.

During your first few days of quitting smoking, you will experience extreme mood swings and craving for nicotine. This patch works in place of the nicotine provided in a cigarette in a very limited, steady dose.

Through time, your nicotine dosage gets smaller and smaller until your body finally stops longing for nicotine at all.

This method works for a lot people and its rate of success is also many times better than without one.

There are some side effects in using this, especially for sensitive skins, like burning, slight redness and itching on the area where the patch is, but this is minor compared to the benefits of overcoming your addiction.

And an alternative to the patch: the Nicotine Gum

The nicotine gum is one of the best ways to stop smoking, particularly for chain smokers.

Similar to the patch, it provides you with a dose of nicotine to cope with the side effects of withdrawal. This gum comes in different doses.

To determine the dosage you need in your initial use of the gum, you have to consider how much you smoke in a day. As an example, if you use a whole pack of cigarettes or more per day, your initial dose will be higher than those who smoke 3-5 sticks daily.

The trick is to gradually decrease the nicotine dosage of your gum through time, so your body gradually becomes less dependent on the substance. Again similar to the patch, your body will no longer want to have nicotine in the end.

You do not need cigarettes and no one does. Actually, smoking is one of the leading causes of disease-related deaths all over the world.

The longer the use or exposure to smoke is, the greater the risk of heart attack, lung cancer and stroke becomes. And the longer the use of nicotine is, the more addicted you will be.

So don’t be a victim nor a prisoner, and immediately stop that habit. Study all the ways to stop smoking to find out which one works best for you and rest assured, you will never regret choosing the right path.